Taichi Mantis Centrum

is a traditional school of Chinese martial arts, founded by Sifu George Hušek.

What do we practice in our school?

Tai Chi (also known as Tai Chi Chuan, Taijiquan)

Our school is primarily focused on teaching and studying the internal martial art of Tai Chi Chuan according to the Yang family’s traditional teaching style. The main goal of Tai Chi Chuan is the integration of body and mind, therefore it is performed very slowly, in a controlled manner, with an emphasis on the focus of the mind, a relaxed and connected body and an uninterrupted and flowing breath. We practice the so-called “88 Steps” long form created by Master Yang Cheng Fu. In addition to this, we also focus on Tuei Shou (Pushing Hands practice), which is an additional method of partner training that helps to use the perception of the opponent’s movement and intention. Advanced students have the opportunity to study a set with a traditional Chinese long sword, called Jian.

Chi Kung (Qigong)

Qigong, which is also known as “Chinese yoga”, is a method of working with body energy, where emphasis is placed on the external and internal components of exercise. The external component represents the implementation of sets of exercises and breath regulation, while the internal component is work with the mental background, listening to the body, health prevention and possible rehabilitation. Qigong (literally “work with energy”) is a non-invasive type of movement suitable for all age groups.

Mantis of the Seven Stars (Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan)

Seven Star Mantis is a Northern Chinese martial style originating from Shāndōng Province that is over 350 years old. It is one of the most famous styles of Chinese kung fu worldwide, which is very fast, dynamic and very well-usable for self-defense. It includes a variety of different types of punches, kicks and many Qin Na (joint locking) techniques. The Mantis of the Seven Stars is a straightforward style in which relatively quick progress can be made. We train mantis not only as a set, but also in the form of practical applications and sparring. As part of the training, it is also possible to focus on advanced Qigong, and for advanced students there is the possibility to study the Iron Palm method (Iron Palm, Tieh Shou).

Tiger Spar (Fu Jow Pai)

The Tiger Spar style is a South Chinese rare kung fu style originating from the Canton (Quandong) province. Originally called the Black Tiger (Hark Fu Moon) style, this art was brought to the United States by Master Wong Moon Toy. The tiger claw is based on the traditional system of the Shao-Lin Temple, which is called the Five Animals (Ng Ying Gongfu) and imitates the movements of a tiger. It includes methods of grabbing, tearing, scratching and many more. This style is for advanced schools only.


Dan Falta

Born in 1976 in Prague, Dan began studying traditional Chinese martial arts under the guidance of Sifu George Hušek in 2009. He studies Tai Chi Chuan and mantis boxing, which he also teaches from 2022. His main interests include Zen-Buddhism, meditation and art. He is a certified masseur of the Chinese Tui Na massage method.

Pavel Deyl

Born in 1975 in Prague, Pavel has been practicing martial arts since 1986. Since 1990, he has been studying South Chinese Gung Fu, especially Hung Gar. He later devoted himself to Chen Tai Chi and the full-contact sport of Sanda. Since 2008, he studied the styles of Fu Jow Pai, Hung Gar and Yang Tai Chi under the guidance of Sifu George Hušek. From 2020 to 2022 he was teaching in the George Hušek school.