School interior


How to get to us

The school is a short distance from Anděl bus station, between Na Knížecí and Plzeňka tram stops.

Na Valentince 13, Praha 5 Smíchov


If interested, please let us know by call or email, so we can arrange your first visit.


Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is an internal Chinese martial art which is practiced today for both its hard and soft techniques, competitions and demonstrations, as well as for general health and longevity. In our school we concentrate on both the martial arts applications and their meditative aspects, including its effects on general health and well-being. We teach the 88 moves of Yang style. Seven Star Praying Mantis.

Northern Praying Mantis

Northern Praying Mantis is known for its speed and continuous attack. Above all it emphasizes fist and forearm techniques, as well as knee and elbow strikes. A further characteristic of this style is its legwork borrowed from Monkey Style.

Fu Jow

Fu Jow, originally known as Hak Fu Jow (Black Tiger Claw), in both its manner and fighting strategies is modelled after an attacking tiger. The strikes are lightning quick, agile and forceful. Techniques unique to this style are its ripping, tearing and grasping directed to pressure points.

For Beginners:

Slow Tai Chi – you will learn the complete set over six months, as well as how to intuit and channel your body’s energy. You will always be under the personal tuition of the master.

For Advanced Students:

Advanced methods of relaxation, coordination of soft and rotative forces, integration of complete muscle system, with the waist leading all movements in a continuous, uninterrupted flow of energy, meditation, chi-kung, self-defence applications of positions.

For Tai Chi Instructors:

Consultation, supervision, advanced tuition.