Sifu George Husek

For over five decades, Sifu George Husek (1948 – 2020) devoted himself to Chinese martial arts, practicing that country’s ancient way of life. He set out on this path in 1971 under the direction of Sifu Tom Rainwater in Los Angeles (Sun Sau style). From 1973,  he studied under Sifu Paul Eng, until the latter’s death in 2015. In 1984 he founded the extremely successful martial arts conservatory, Green Forest Temple, in Santa Cruz, California, handing over its directorship to Sifu Scott Ripke in 1998. From 2010 he taught Tai Chi at the Palestra College of Physical Education and Sports. He ran both Prague and Písek schools until his death in 2020 .

Sifu Teachers – the school’s lineage

Sifu George Husek was the disciple of eminent Chinese masters from the USA, Hong Kong and Peking – among others, Paul Eng, from whom he learned the following styles: Tai Chi Tong Long Kuen, Chat Sing Tong Long Kuen (Praying Mantis styles), Hung Gar Kuen (Hung Family styles), Bak Siu Lum, Pa Kwa, Hsing-I, Sun Tai Chi and others. In 1985 he met the respected master, Wu Ta Yeh, from whom he learned Yang Style Tai Chi. Others who influenced him on his journey of discovery are the following masters: Wai Hong, Ng Tak Wah (Fu Jow Pai style), Wing Lam (Hung Gar Kuen style), Sun You Yun (Tai Chi style), Brendan Lai (Chat Sing Tong Long style) and Keith Duran (Fu Jow Pai).

Late Grandmaster Paul Eng
Sifu Wu Ta Yeh
Sifu Sun You Yun